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      Core Advantages
      Focus on leading a smart city
      Technological innovation
      Based on smart lighting, we will build and continuously expand various smart city applications including smart fire protection, smart parking, smart municipal administration, smart security, smart buildings, smart parks, smart transportation, etc., to help smart operation and sustainable development of cities.
      Professional team
      The team brings together top business and technical talents from Silicon Valley in the United States and many well-known domestic and foreign technology companies. They focus on the research and development of IoT technology and engineering applications, and are committed to the integrated delivery capabilities of research and development, design, construction, and operation and maintenance of IoT networks.
      Caring service
      We can provide customers with advanced IoT comprehensive solutions for multi-level and multi-scenario intelligent needs, and carry out integrated services of design, construction, operation and maintenance of IoT network based on smart lighting.
      Application scenario
      Creating a green environment with smart technology products
      Office building
      Provide people with smarter and more comfortable office space, ensure higher productivity, and escort building assets, providing more asset inflows.
      The mall
      Through the Internet of Things and big data analysis technology, enhance the marketing and operation capabilities of the mall, and then induce and awaken the potential demand for smarter consumers.
      To build smart hotels, through digital operations, to provide residents with personalized services such as home away from home, to improve customer satisfaction; at the same time to improve hotel management and reduce operating costs.
      City road
      Make full use of the city's existing video signals to carry out information-based, intelligent, network-based traffic monitoring systems for road condition information extraction.
      Residential area
      Comprehensive monitoring of public equipment and facilities, and digital property operation mode, to create a safer, more convenient and comfortable living environment for residents.
      Tourist park
      Through a more efficient and convenient centralized management method, comprehensively understand the operation status of the park, better promote the management and healthy development of the park, and bring greater value to the park managers.
      Industrial park
      Collect production line data in time and analyze it in combination with building operation data to create a more efficient and energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly digital factory.
      Through a more efficient and convenient centralized management method, we can fully sense the school's operating status and bring more convenience to school management.
      Digital operation and maintenance model to ensure the safe and efficient operation of medical equipment and facilities.
      Creating a green environment with smart technology products
      Creating a green environment with smart technology products